#73 - four great sheet masks


Trying Garnier's Sheet Mask (details below)

They may make you look temporarily terrifying, but masks are a great go-to an instant hit of hydration. A brilliant quick fix for dull and dehydrated skin, they're essentially doused in serum which penetrates into the skin while you lie back and take a selfie. Pop one on while you're drinking your morning coffee or ahead of a night out and enjoy a plumped-up. 

See my top fave sheet masks below:

Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask feels like it should not work as well as it does - though it feels dry but it's impregnated with a blend of vitamins, oils, and butter which are delivered to the skin without any wetness. Maaaagic.

20€ for one | more here

Leaving skin plumped and radiant in just 20 minutes. The clever contouring of the mask itself means it stays in one place and it's comfortable to wear. My Favorite 👽
60€ for six | more here


A great sheet mask with an even better price tag. Garnier's Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is the perfect quick fix for dull and dehydrated skin.
I was literally staggered by the result after 15 minutes facial treatment.
- fewer skin blemishes
- less skin irritation 

3€ for one package (pretty cheap and perfect results, seriously!) | more here

Tony Moly
Korean brand Tony Moly has a whole range of single-dose sheet masks to experiment with, but my favorite is the I'm Real Avocado, because Avocados are life, lol. It's perfect for a pre-party treatment.

approximately 6€ for one | more here

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