#65 - London makes it happen


I really can't believe that I've reached more than 50,000 clicks on my Blog. Not sure how to feel about this fact but I'm definitely more than happy 😍 .

Currently, I'm taking over the Instastories @EFdeutschland, which means you can follow me around London and my journey again for a couple of days! It is a kinda funny experience, especially because of the people staring at me while I'm talking to my smartphone, lol. However, I really enjoy it!

Overview for the next couple of days/ weeks

Thanks to my girls who organized a day trip to Dublin for this Thursday. I'm really keen on visiting this incredible city. It's going to be a crazy journey. I mean I've never taken an airplane twice a day. At 10:30 am we are going to be in Dublin while skipping our classes (höhö) and our return flight is planned at 21:05 pm. 
The most unbelievable thing is, that I'm invited to an Instagram meeting in London on the 4th February. I can't even find any words! We'll be going live to the world together with other Instagrammers. I'm going to have the chance to meet some of the Instagram team, and ask them those questions I've been dying to know the answer and meet other members of the community! 
As I had been nominated for the most stylish person at my school, I've won a TOPSHOP voucher eventually. I will have the chance to shop for 3 hours with a personal shop assistance in Oxford Circus. 

My sort of appointment:
The complete makeover. The shoppers will bring me the essential styles and get me prepped for the new season trends, with access to the latest styles before anyone else.
Seriously incredible! 
Make sure you follow me on Snapchat @mervinblog 
on the 7th February at 2:30 pm
LONDON FASHION WEEK on 23th-26th February:
Not sure yet, but my friend and I are aiming to join this adventure!!

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