What a day?! It is still unbelievable! I had an amazing time with some awesome Instagrammers today. I am so thankful to be invited to such fun little get together events. Thanks to INSTAGRAM for making me the happiest girl on earth for the next couple of days! 

Approximately 2 weeks ago, I've received an email from Eva, who is working for Community & Teens @Instagram. She asked me whether I want to join the Instagram-Event in London, in the so-called "Lights of Soho". This location was more than insane - neon lights everywhere!! 

It feels so good to know that Instagram considerate our opinions in regard to its settings. We had a little chat for around 2 hours, basically talking about INSTAGRAM's new updates like for example the live session, the chronological order of photos and also the negative aspects we don't really enjoy on Instagram currently. 
While our conversation continued we were frequently consuming macarons and pretty healthy smoothies. This was definitely one of the best parts of the meeting, haha. 

But an Instagram-Event without an Instagram live session wouldn't be a real Instagram meeting. 
Therefore we decided to be live at 12:00 pm and we made it. Thanks to those who popped into the live stream! I really enjoyed it.

What's next:
8th of February: 
TOPSHOP shopping day
Stay tuned on Snapchat @mervinoblog

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