Travel diary | Revision of the past 3 months


"A place to be" is the first sentence coming to my mind when I'm talking about my current favorite city. While spending my time in London I've really enjoyed every single day to the fullest and I'm still doing. Despite this fact, I'm kind of looking forward to my return flight in March, though.
At the beginning, it was quite hard to leave my hometown with two big suitcases for 6 months. Unfortunately, I've recognized that I have to cook (haha) or do all the stuff by my own which actuallmmom was doing for me in the past. At the first couple of days, it took a bit of time to get used to it but now I really enjoy it to live alone.
The EF International Language School is my current school I've been visiting. Momentarily, I am pushing me to the fullest especially because I'm aiming my Cambridge degrees in CAE at the 3rd of March. 

In terms of lessons, we have the opportunity to join the General-English class, SPIN classes, Exam preparation classes, iLab and lectures. EF is creating your schedule in regard to your demands. 👍

In General-English classes you obtain basic English lessons whereas SPIN classes are focused on your interests. That means you can choose between different topics (e.g. business classes, career English, creative thinking, Reading & Writing,...).

I am in one of those Exam preparation classes. As the name already says, we get prepared for different tests (e.g. Cambridge Exam, TOEFL..).

iLab and lecture lessons are compulsory for every student. 
iLab is a computer lesson and you are working by your own. In Comparison, in lectures you just have to listen to the teacher while he/she is talking about interesting topics. 

I'm living in the so-called "Residence" which is provided by EF itself. It's a building of 5 blocks. Only EF students are living here and it's literally f-u-n-n-y. It is more or less a facility to be in touch with your friends from school quite easily. Cooking together, watching movies or pre-drinkings are quite common.

Why London?: 
London is a leading global city in the arts, education, entertainment, and fashion, of course, therefore it is definitely a city you have to visit. Just a weekend trip is really not enough to get to know the city. After 3 months there are still places I want to go to, haha!
EF is represented in many other cities as well (e.g. Hawaii, Barcelona, Munich, San Francisco...) 

If you want to get further information, make sure you visit my Ambassador page (here) to request a free brochure.

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