#69 - living in London be/was like


My adventure in London comes to an end and I believe that living in this, err, unique city is tough and can make you a better person. And here's how:
(tube = underground)

1. You learn to appreciate money. 
Well, more specially, you learn how to appreciate having NO MONEY, But that's basically the same thing. With most Londoners spending on average more than a third of their income on rent - in addition to all the other purchases such as alcohol, Pret and Ubers, obviously haha.
2. Patience becomes a necessity. 
Ever been stuck behind a group of tourists that have just STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE F*CKING PAVEMENT causing you and your "I'm an important business power walk" to a sudden halt? That rising feeling of anger + that urge of scream at them, ugh!


3. You become more accepting of others. 
Due to London's multicultural vibe, meeting people from different cultures is inevitable. This will not only give you more of 'global' perspective but will help you to learn and grow as you discover things about yourself, as well as other people. Plus, if you don't accept tourists for who they are, you will drive yourself mad and never able to visit anywhere inside zone 3. And that would suck.

4. You learn to live with less. 
Less is more, right? Well, that's what we tell ourselves every day.. who needs a separate kitchen and bedroom? What are we, kings? Just the fact that I was living in London is "👌 "!

5. Time management becomes second nature. 
From tube delays to strikes, traffic to flat struggles, long coffee queue to pub the night before... there is far more variable in London that can put your timing at risk. Therefore, you just become better at time keeping. Had 7 beers and have to be up at 6? No problem - make-up on the tube, coffee from not-so nice place and a power walk that rivals exhausted marathon runners. Simple.

There are many things I wished I could've said out loud, but 
a) I was and I am still far too polite, and 
b) I'd probabbly got a slap. 

1. Move out of my f*cking way

2. Gooooosh, would it pain to walk a bit faster?

3. What compelled you to put that outfit together this morning?

4. Move your bag off that seat, you selfish b*tch.

5. Excuse me, your massive backpack is in my face.

6. Are you really stopping right there? Right in everybody's way?

7. Here, take my seat because I'm far more selfless and thoughtful person than everybody else in this tube.

8. Will you please stop reading over my shoulder (tube life be like)

9. I'm finding this whole London thing really hard.

10. Excuse me, sorry, could you please turn your music down? It's a real pain and it is probably damaging your ears?!
But there is no better feeling like the one that arises when it dawns on you that you live in one of the best cities in the world. Such moments usually occur when walking across the river at night; when the cafeteria at school gives you a free coffee; or when you're sitting in one of London's many beautiful parks. London made me appreciate the good over the bad, and thus ultimately made me realize that no matter how many times my tube has been delayed (2 mins, omg!!!!), I am still happy!

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