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I have always preached that you should not wait for that “someday” to begin living your bucket list, you need to start today. The longer you put off your goals, the further in the distance they become and that “someday” can easily turn into months or years. Or even forever.

What's on my list for this year?!
See my spots below

Starting from Germany, followed by Italy and ending up in the Netherlands. Basically, a little Europe tour is waiting for me! In my opinion really deserved after my Internship and before my studies in Octobre, haha.
Berlin - Venice - Düsseldorf - Amsterdam 
(I can imagine deciding spontaneously to visit some other cities in between, so just pretend I'm organized and planned). 

Set in the heart of the German capital: 
It's been a while (feels like ages) since I returned from my 6 months stay in London. Finally, it's time again to get together with some lovely personalities I've met in the big Metropol. After we fixed the date and our meeting spot (Berlin), I immediately realized how freaking expensive domestic flight tickets are. Seriously, flying to the moon and back would definitely be cheaper. Fortunately, I found an appropriate bus company offering a fast arrival in the capital city. Pretty happy, thou! Can't wait to see my old roommates and talk about funny stuff we'd experienced together. Xxx

Is Venice even from this planet?:
It's gonna be the second time visiting this incredibly amazing city. And as many of you actually know, my mom is my voluntary travel buddy and we are still planning and organizing this trip.

Germany, the second - Düsseldorf: (lol, funny me):
In the case of finding an appropriate apartment, this city is going to be another home for me (any recommendations?). Unfortunately, I can't tell you more, as it's not safe yet but stay tuned and you will definitelhear more from this adventure.

Amsterdam has always been on my travel bucket list and therefore, I decide to take a plane ticket and visit this hot spot over this yearSo many known bloggers are always showing and posting pretty and lovely photos of this city and of course, I have to be there as well. So probs September is gonna be a good point in time?!.
Shoutout to all of my in the Netherlands living London friends... I will be there, finally. Xxx

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  1. Anonym27.4.17

    Where did you buy the amazing world map?

    1. IKEA made it happen. It offers a wide range of different posters - take a look there ;)


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