Nothing was as strange as the fact walking down the entire street with this incredibly amazing KIMONO. It was definitely an eye-catcher!

We hadn't been sure were to shoot at first but with a professional photographer by our side, we could immediately find the very best location for this look. Nothing better than an Asian restaurant, of course!
At the first sight, it could've been an advertisement shooting for this restaurant BUT nothing over my favorite vintage store (shop HERE for more).

How to wear a KIMONO:
We decided to transform the whole look into something wearable.
Boots and shorts are my all time favs, therefore I was using the kimono as a really long coat and put on some black sunglasses. The outfit with my boots and Levi's shorts by ONIMOS made the combination looking more casual and rocking but ethical at the same time. 
Et Voilá. This is it!

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